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New England pagans, heathens, etc.
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New England pagans, heathens, etc
New England Pagan, etc.
-The name of the community was chosen as such because when I was trying to create it, I tried to stick all the sub fields and such in the name and it just didn't work. So, I thought that this would be a name that would represent us all at least a bit.

This community was designed for New England area pagans to get together and talk, make connections, inform each other about events, circles, covens, groves, etc. , keep up on news, request energy work, support each other, and so forth.Though we are a group that is both social and business, please do not post entries detailing what you ate for breakfast. your mundane everyday life is meant for your personal journal. However, if you were eating breakfast and something related to the community purpose happened, feel free. The point is, if something significant or related to the community goes on and you feel we'd benefit from hearing of it, or discussing it, please post, but we don't want entries about cleaning your cat box or how you took out the trash this morning.

1. Be respectful! to your fellow members. Not everyone here will believe/feel the same way about everything, and while polite debating is welcome, the second name calling and other disrespectful actions are taken, moderators will be involved.

2. Please post lengthy posts and pictures behind a cut if you are unsure as how to do this, do not post anyways, ask a moderator, member, or LJ staff person to teach you. We are more than happy to assist. It's simply polite for your post to not take up someone's entire screen and stretch out the rest of their friends page.

3. Community, event, coven, circle, etc promo is welcome however, please do not post a promo every week. Once a month, the moderators will message the people who have posted promos, and ask them if they still want a promo. If they say yes, they will be posted with the other promos in a monthly promotion post.


Feel free to post introductions when you join! However, if they get long, please put them behind a cut!

Here are links to:

Member Introductions

We are still looking for moderators, members, graphics, etc. if you are interested in any of these things, please contact me via my journal.